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one app —

for universities

One App - for Universities is a white-label mobile application which is designed for Universities to buy into and then brand accordingly to their guidelines. Creating one central location for all–things University, eliminating the need to download multiple school-specific applications.

Please note that the research and prototypes for this project were done for the University of North Texas. Meaning, UNT's brand guidelines were implemented in the design process of the prototype below.


Click here to view more information about the problem currently associated with University applications. This helps to understand why this project was done in the first place and how beneficial it would be in the real world.


Click here to see the research that went into this project. Including surveys, radar mapping, site mapping, wireframing, and user testing. This research is crucial in the beginning stages to help drive the design choices. 


the hub


catered to you

The home screen or "Hub" is geared towards the student's individuality. Showing what is important to them in a timely manner which is appropriate. Examples of this include bus updates, class reminders, event notifications, and weather alerts.

school id

made digital

In this day in age, there is no reason why schools haven't implemented digital IDs across the board. With this app, the student would quickly be able to get anywhere on campus, including sporting events, dining halls, and much more. 

This section also acts as your University Wallet in which case the student can quickly add funds to their dining account or switch their meal plan altogether.




add, drop, and swap classes

Registering for classes should not be such a daunting task. With One App that process has become streamlined to focus on what matters to the student. Like quick access to degree plans and your class schedule with clear and fluid navigation that makes the overall experience a breeze. 

the advisor comes to you

No more waiting for weeks to hear back from your advisor about setting up an appointment. One App brings the Advisor TO the student. Allowing for quick face-to-face interaction through the phone's front-facing camera. Saving the student and the university time and money.





One App takes the bus guessing game away from the student. With clear information regarding the distance, route, and capacity, you will never miss or wait aimlessly for a bus again.

Additionally, in the event of a delay a notification will be sent to inform the riders of updated times. 


never miss a beat

The Event section keeps the student informed about everything around campus and the community. These events are specifically tailored to the individual as to not flood them with too much information at once.  This, of course, can all be changed in the profile settings. 


stay organized

Quickly add events to your personal calendar where you can find all of your upcoming activities in one place. This can also be sync with your other calendars to provide a one-stop spot for school, work, events, and much more.


one school. one community.

No more digging through thousands of Facebook groups, half of which are no longer administrated, to find your group. One App brings the groups to you based on your dorm, classification, area of study, interests, clubs, and extracurricular activities. 



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