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Isotopes Minor League Baseball Re-Brand

The Isotopes — a Minor League Baseball team based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico is a branding story with a unique twist. Back in 2003 an episode of the Simpson aired where Homer had a dream that his favorite baseball team, The Isotopes, were moving to Albuquerque. Around this time Albuquerque was starting its very own Minor League baseball team, so they struck a deal with Fox and branded their whole team after the TV episode. This resulted in a vibrant success story allowing the Isotopes to become the most profitable MILB team in the Nation by a long shot. However, after nearly five years of playing under this unique brand sells began to decrease and a decade later they hit an all-time low. With time people simply lost any association with the brand and the Simpsons which caused a lot of people to question why it looked the way it did. 

Given this information I took it upon myself to re-band the entire team from the inside out while still keeping with its original Isotopes roots. This rebrand brings about a new sense of sophistication while also establishing pride and excitement for the team. All of this creates a brand which will sell for years to come. Be sure to check out the jumbotron video at the end of the page to see how the atmosphere will get pumped before the games.  

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