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The overarching problem that I'm trying to mitigate with this prototype is the flooding of applications Universities are putting out. Just look at the numbers below, Universities on average have about ten to fifteen apps. All doing separate or the exact same function. This adds up to millions of dollars gone to waste and the students are paying for it each year in their tuition. 


It would be one thing if these applications were being used. However, most have less than 1,000 downloads and are left in poor condition with no real use. Below are three examples of UNT's mobile applications. The left and right (or top and bottom if viewing from a mobile device) ones are both bus applications—neither of them working properly.


The average rating for these applications is around two stars or less. This should say something about how the users are feeling about these apps. It's not just an aesthetic issue but a usability and functionality issue.  A change is desperately needed which is why I pushed for this prototype to be made.

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