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Caused Based Project — Denton Community Health Clinic 

The National Weather Service is the most data-enriched weather service in the United States. It offers extensive historical weather dating back to the late 1800s and enormous research making it one of the most trusted services out there. Knowing this information I always wondered why they didn't have a mobile application to help reach a wider audience. After all, their early warning systems have been the reason for thousands of saved lives across the country. Considering this I took it upon myself to create a mobile application which could be used both by the weather-nerd and the everyday Joe alike. A lot of research went into the development of this application so be sure to click the button below to see how I came up with the design.

  • Easily search locations 

  • Save Favorites 

  • Quickly change settings

  • New Early Warning System

  • Adaptive Information

  • Call to Action for Emergencies 

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